The Importance Of Punctuation

Blog 2642 – 01.22.2023

The Importance Of Punctuation

The riddle above points out the importance of punctuation. The sixth and final line ends as the previous five lines with a period showing it to be also a statement and not a question as one not paying attention to punctuation might incorrectly assume. Like the ole Abbott and Costello baseball routine “Who’s On First Base” in the above case, What is the name of Penny’s fifth child.

Life can at times seem like a riddle or a puzzle but if we read the signs and clues carefully and pay attention to the way things fit together we can figure it out and enjoy watching things all come together in the end. Grant you it may not seem like it is all going to work out or come together at times but experience assured us that it will.

If you think the above statement is just “magical thinking” or a vestige of my religious training as a child I assure you I have proved my premise by scientific observation and experimentation. The theologian Martin Luther was convinced by his study of the book of Romans that life is all about God’s grace, special favor, and he referred to the book of James as a book of straw because James states that faith without evidence or works is dead. Another New Testament letter, Hebrews, says that faith is the evidence of things hoped for. To some that sounds like nonsense. To others it is what they call The Law of Attraction, or like attracting like.

Sooner or later we have to own our own responsibility for the lives we have created. When we are children we can blame our parents and I am convinced that many people marry just to have someone else to blame for their unhappiness. The truth is no one else is responsible for our happiness but ourselves or as Pogo says, “We have discovered the enemy and it is us.”

I repeat, Who is responsible for your happiness. Who is you. There is no question. The most important clue to the mystery and piece to the puzzle has always been you.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Something So Right

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