Making Even The Darkness Light

Blog 2639 – 01.19.2023

Making Even The Darkness Light

Most if not all of us have known a friend who sticks closer than a brother, a person who’s company makes both heavy burdens and dark times seem light. Even Helen Keller, no stranger to darkness, knew the power of friendship to brighten the darkest days.

I have been fortunate to have had many dear friends along this journey through space and time, some I shared the path with but briefly and others for far longer. My darling wife and I will soon have been a part of one another’s lives for thirty-five years. We had met briefly in college in 1973 but became really acquainted at a small gathering of friends fifteen years later. In late January 1988 our paths crossed and have wound together ever since. I cannot imagine life any longer without my Linda Lee.

I realize that it is unlikely that we will die on the same day and more likely that one of us will linger here a little longer. The actuaries says the most likely scenario is for wives to outlive their husbands but I hope I am not the first to go and not just to to prove my mother right who prophesied, “David, that woman will never let you go” but because I think I am better prepared for the long haul than my sweet wife Linda is.

The losses have taken more of a toll on her sensitive soul and I have heard her lament much in the last year, “I just can’t take anymore.” I believe with all my heart that the Universe will not lay on us any burden heavier than we can bear. On the contrary most of the load that we carry is of our own design that we were never intended to shoulder. especially alone. The loss of two babies before they were born and the loss of both breasts to cancer have left their scars on my beloved.

I take comfort in the belief that heaven is a resting place where all of our sadnesses are finally casted into the sea of forgetfulness. I also believe that there are new adventures that await beyond that rest and recuperation station for us to undertake with a clean slate. Rhett Butler said of the great love of his life, his beloved Scarlet, that he liked to remember the young girl she was when he met at a barbecue before the war changed her.

Sooner more likely than later Linda and I will come together or separately to the conclusion of this particular journey in time and space. Our walk has not always been in the bright sunlight for we have known our dark night too and there may be darker days again ahead. I hope I will be here to hold her hand throughout the rest of her travels here.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

You’ll Never Walk Alone

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