The Challenge Of Each New Day

Blog 2622 – 01.02. 2023

The Challenge Of Each New Day

The choice is always ours security or adventure. It is so easy to get comfortable and set in our ways of thinking, but life has a way of sending us things to challenge the conventional wisdom.

The term “feathering the nest” refers to birds finding softer materials for the inner linings of their nests to cushion their eggs and their young hatchlings later. The whole process though is to feed and nurture those young creatures to prepare them to one day leave the nest, to take flight, and to venture out into the wide and wonderful world.

I found the above pictured little plaque on my last away work assignment in Nebraska. I got it for my wife hoping that my retirement would allow us to travel together and have even more adventures. After one quick road trip from Texas to South Carolina and back life threw us one of it’s famous curve balls putting all our travel plans on hold. It remains to be seen if my travel companion will ever be up for another travel adventure very far from our home in Houston. Even more than a half hour drive seems too much for her anymore.

I confess that each new day is a much different sort of adventure than I had imagined for retirement. My little house on the prairie travel trailer that had been my home for almost ten years working on the road was damaged pulling it back from Nebraska to Texas a year ago Christmas. I had planned to replace it and then figured there was no need.

I have changed my mind and sent out the intention to the Universe that an even smaller more durable camper trailer will find its way to me. No rush, for as I have often written in this blog and say aloud at least once daily, “I am so glad and grateful that everything that I could ever want or need is already mine and coming to me at just the right time and in just the right way from my loving and infinite source.”

My wife used to talk about outliving me, but this last year it seems more and more evident that will not be the case, rather that I will be the one left behind. I hope for her as I hope for myself to not outlive my mind nor my ability to get around and to go peacefully preferably in my sleep. Sometimes she is fearful and at others a bit anxious to make that journey. In her frustration she has exclaimed aloud more than once, “I just can’t do this anymore!”

Crazy as it may sound to someone reading me for perhaps the first time, I truly believe that we during some rest period between lives planned this series of adventures in detail birth to death including all of our travel plans even to the picking of our travel companions.

At the end of this month, thirty-five years ago, Linda and I met again after briefly meeting in college fifteen years earlier. We have traveled many miles together on this long a winding road ever since. We have made plans to find each other sooner and love each other longer and even stronger next go round.

I teased a friend in a text message yesterday that I am not ready yet for that Rest In Peace stuff. I think my travel companion is just about ready. I am sure gonna miss her. I already do.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Love Me

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