Wednesday’s Child

Blog 2617 – 12.28.2022

Wednesday’s Child

I was born on a Wednesday and my life has had it’s share of woe, yet like my father before me I believe that in this life I have been blessed with more than my share of good things as well. The seed thought of my daily mantra is: “I am so glad and grateful that everything that I could ever want or need is already mine and coming to me at just the right time and in just the right way from my loving and infinite source.”

That is one bridge too far for many who claim to have unshakable faith. All I can say is perhaps your god is too small and not your faith. For years I was taught to believe that God created us in His/Her image when the opposite has always seemed more likely to be true. The god of the Old Testament is a vengeful and jealous god who drowns the whole world but Noah, his family, and an ark full of animals. Such a god may be worthy of fear but not of worship.

I believe our highest and best self is worthy of worship wherever we find Him/Her/Us. And so I added a line to my daily mantra about a year ago: “I mirror you, I admire you, I worship you.”

Some believe that all we are is dust in the wind and that dust is sin but I believe we must define the the dust we are made of as divine.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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