The Shortest Day Of The Year

Blog 2610 – 12.21.2022

The Shortest Day Of The Year

In my dad’s autobiographical stories that I published under the title More Than My Share he shares his unique point of view on life. Dad was born on this day ninety-nine years ago, the shortest day of the year, into a poor family in the poor South in the Great Depression. Once when he was about ten he left home for awhile because he said there was not enough food for all the hungry mouths and he figured he’d lighten the burden a bit. On this adventure he was so cold once that he lit newspaper in an empty paint can and sat on it trying to stay warm.

My dad loved he’s two sons, my brother and I. He was not perfect, none of us is, but he had a positive outlook on life that kept his head above water. My dad has been gone twenty-five years, but his stories live on in those fortunate enough to have heard them. Take a few moments to acquaint yourself with a man born on the shortest day of the year who never thought he go a bad hand or a short deal – James Clifford White, the birthday boy, and my dad.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

More Than My Share

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