“Into Every Life…”

Blog 2600 – 12.11.2022

“Into Every Life…”

The rest of that quote is: “…a little rain must fall.” I am a fan of rain and see it for the wonderful gift it is. And I understand that many see rain as a hindrance and an interruption. I knew one woman who had a terrible fear of being caught in the rain and getting her clothes and hair wet. She was a “witchy woman” in the best sense not at all like the one Dorothy melted with a pail of water.

But back to rain, every child knows that without rain nothing grows. Therefore whether we see rain as a hinderance, interruption, something to fear or a blessing it is a necessary ingredient to our growth.

I had a dear friend who passed this year several actually but then that is one of the things about getting older, you have to wave bye to so many more people. This particular friend and I had not spoken in years. He had written me off because our opinions no longer were the same on a few issues. It happens, interests and opinions change and sometimes friends grow and go in different directions. I miss my friend and regret that we could not find common ground again still I am grateful for the times we did share, rain and shine.

Someday it will be my time to depart and leave my friends here behind. Maybe the skies will weep over my passing. If they do, I hope there is a large visible rainbow to remind everyone that rain may alter our plans but it still makes everything grow.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Over The Rainbow

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