Pain Gets Our Undivided Attention

Blog 2599 – 12.10.2022

Pain Gets Our Undivided Attention

I have for several weeks been experiencing a little pain in my right knee and hoping it would just go away. Well, yesterday just walking to the truck to drive my lovely wife and our equally lovely mother to lunch, I stepped wrong on some uneven ground near the driveway and felt a sharp pain in my knee. Just taking the girls to lunch took a Herculean effort on my part and only heat and ice and Tylenol enabled me to sleep at all last night.

I can get around on it a little better this morning but I am seriously considering my options for treatment. I wish I had more confidence in doctors. My brother has had knee problems for years and has shared horror stories of multiple surgeries that promised relief but only left him with worse pain. I am reluctant to see any doctors that specialize in surgery for the profit motive tends to sway their diagnosis in that direction. Surgery to me should always be a last resort not a first step nor foregone conclusion.

But the pain has my undivided attention now and I will seek professional advice as to how to proceed. One of the great purposes of pain is that it takes our mind off of other things and focuses it on taking care of what we should. It is often difficult for us to see pain as a gift but it is and an attitude of gratitude and not resentment can help us make the most of this gift.

So many deal with pain on a daily basis. How can we feel their pain unless we acknowledge our own?

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

The Gift

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