The True King

Blog 2581 – 11.22.2022

The True King

There have been many pretenders to the throne and even the rightful heir to to the throne of the United Kingdom has more than a few subjects wishing for their once and future king, Arthur. I think everyone should get to be queen or king for a day on their birthday.

Yesterday, my birthday eve, was a very rainy day in Houston, Texas. The rain was an early birthday gift to me. I love rain. My beloved and lovely wife Linda and I went to a nearby mall to walk and also so she could pick out a couple of birthday gifts for me. She likes to surprise me, but since I usually guess what her gifts are anyway, she let me help pick them out this time. The birthday boy is getting a nice pair of light brown dress leather gloves. I have wanted a pair just like them since I saw Daniel Craig wearing a pair in the movie Dream House. We also picked out a new paperback book for me, the most recent Jack Reacher book.

One of my favorite Proverbs says that a good worker is worthy of the company of kings. I have said as much to the crews that I have worked with over the years, that their good work made me feel like a king. No one has made me feel more like a king, than my queen, her royal highness, Linda Lee. I wrote a couple of days ago that she always makes a big deal of my birthdays, but it is not just that for indeed she makes me feel like a king everyday.

Your friend, fellow traveler, and birthday boy,

David White

What Do The Simple Folk Do

P.S. The picture today was taken at the mall yesterday when I stopped to rest from our walk and to confer with Puff the Magic Dragon, and fellow royal, The Burger King.

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