Soul Mates

Blog 2578 – 11.19.2022

Soul Mates

And, no ladies, I am not going down that well-traveled road regarding “Soul-mates” this morning, at least not in the sense of romance that it most commonly used. I am rather hoping to reopen the ageless debate about whether the soul has weight.

Some people, usually those who believe that God is divided into three distinct persons i.e. the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, think that we also have three distinct parts to our personhood – body, soul, and spirit. Some say body, mind and spirit. But the the distinction between the soul and spirit (or mind)and spirit is a difficult one to make so for debate or argument sake we will just divide ourselves into two components, body and soul.

Today’s picture quote from that wise old Greek guy, Aristotle, describes true friendship as two souls occuping the same body. The joining of two bodies into one we call merging or marrying and it is if done correctly, consensually, and passionately a wonderfully intimate act.

Those of us who battle with the bathroom scales know and well that the body has weight and that the things we most enjoy eating have a way of tipping the scales, so to speak. But for as long as there have been debates about the existence of Soul-mates there has been a divide over whether the soul is real or has any real weight.

I have in my life time been on both sides of both issues. After considering those questions for the better part of almost seventy-two years, I must say that I do believe in “Soul-mates” in the classical Aristotelian sense, also in the romantic sense, and that the soul does indeed have weight or using one of my favorite Biblical phrases – “The eternal weight of glory.”

My Australian friend, the poet Paul Vincent Cannon whom I met through his blog online and my first Australian friend Andrew James Mitchell whom I met in Bible College almost fifty years ago live in the land down under where friends refer to each other as mates, a word that carries a lot of weight.

Your friend, co-creator, soul-mate, and fellow traveler,

David White

Thank You For Being A Friend

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