The Truth vs. A Lie

Blog 2567 – 11.08.2022

The Truth vs. A Lie

Today’s picture quote is one of the best ways to tell the difference between the truth and a lie. The great lie about the last national election being stollen only at the top is a case in point. All the recounts and law suits produced no credible evidence to support that wide spread voter fraud ever took place, but still the lie persists and to question that lie is to be thought by a large part of the Republican voter base as unpatriotic.

The truth has no problem with honest questions. People in search of truth are always asking questions. It is those so sure that they know the truth and the whole truth that they no longer entertain questions that are the most susceptible to lies. Anyone who has ever known the sting of defeat in sports, politics, or any of the arenas of life knows that denial is not just a River in Egypt. Making a concession speech and admitting defeat are always a difficult, but classy move.

There will be winners and losers in today’s elections around the country. Some who are so sure they we will win will not and others the polls and pundits predict to lose will win. It is after all a horse race or more correctly a donkey and elephant race. History says the Republicans will win in the midterms against a Democratic Presidency, House, and Senate. “It’s the economy, Stupid” is another truism in American politics. It has long been held that a smaller voter turn out favors conservatives and a larger one progressives. We shall see if history and those truism prevail this election cycle.

I am hoping that the new Standard Time is not just for a few months but that we stay the course. All this swinging back and forth both with the clocks and our political fortunes is making us and our country sick. For a time I was encouraged that the Senate had passed a bill to keep Day Light Savings Time year round. But after having looking into the matter more carefully I think we should do as we have done several times already, simply stick with what works best, Standard Time, and the party that has the best record of producing results that bring about a more perfect Union and a better economy in the long term that more than the one or two percent at the top can enjoy. We may differ on which political party that is, but one party more than the other is responsible for The Big Lie and for a Supreme Court that has reversed a long established law that protected a woman’s right to reproductive freedom.

I am interested to see if those two issues will effect the vote today.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

High Hopes

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