The Case Of The Missing Piece Or Pieces

Blog 2564 – 11.05.2022

The Case Of The Missing Piece Or Pieces

My lovely and loving wife Linda loves to put jig-saw puzzles together and I love to help her. She is not as patient as she once was with the more difficult ones, so we try to find the three hundred piece puzzles for adults with the bigger EZ grip pieces. Yesterday was a big puzzle day or us, we put two together, one used, and one new. The first one pictured above was missing a piece so we will not be donating that one to Goodwill, our go to place for completed puzzles and finding used ones we have yet to put together. Linda would not think of giving a puzzle away that was missing a piece for putting in the last piece is the prize that keeps her putting all the pieces together.

We looked hard for that missing piece because we hate to find them later after we have discarded the puzzle. It seems such a waste especially if it was a fun one like the three kitty one above or the last one we put together yesterday with several kitties and puppies playing together.

I am reminded of some lines from a popular Jim Croce song, Bad, Bad Leroy Brown who “learned a lesson ‘bout messing’ with the wife of a jealous man.” It is the last line of the following quote that is the clincher:

It seems even Bad, Bad Leroy Brown was not pleased with a puzzle with a couple of pieces gone.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Here is Linda’s favorite Jim Croce songs sung by one of her favorite singers, me.

Time In A Bottle

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