Do Your Duty

Blog 2553 – 10.25.2022

Do Your Duty

Our duty and calling in life is not to kill or to die for someone else, nor to save the world, but to live, love, and be happy. The key to a full and happy life is learning to love ourselves. To paraphrase William Shakespeare’s famous quote, we cannot be true to anyone or anything else till we are first true to ourselves. Whitney’s Houston’s hit song, The Greatest Love Of All, says it so well. Even the title if changed ever so slightly can offer a great clue to our true first duty in life, The Great Test: Love of All.

And that all begins the closest to home with ourself. We must do our duty and first love the one we are with, the one who is always there for us, ourself. I will not belabor the point but just try boil it down into the fewest words. I believe our highest duty as a Child of the Universe is: To love God and our neighbor as we love ourself. The last four words assume we can only do our duty regarding the first two if we have first done our duty to ourselves – the greatest love of all.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

The Greatest Love Of All

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