Hauntingly Beautiful Melodies, Lyrics & Eyes

Blog 2533 – 10.04.2022

Hauntingly Beautiful Melodies, Lyrics, & Eyes

Some songs just strike us as being particularly hauntingly beautiful or seem to strike a familiar chord in our hearts. Today’s song pick is one of those for me. I have loved a number of women in my life beginning with my twenty-two years departed mother, my first love. Women have made lovelier my life and decorated my path like a favorite quote and truism, “He shall have flowers wherever he goes.” Every beautiful flower reminds me of the last time I saw her face.

Early this year circumstances made it even more likely that I will out live my lovely and loving wife of thirty-three years, Linda Lee. She is beyond doubt “the love of my life” all others being lesser lights. Last night as we stared out our patio doors at the angels that light up after dark, we looked up to see a beautiful half moon shining down upon us. We have seen a lot of moons and stars together, but none more beautiful.

I am not looking forward to the last time I see my lovely Linda’s face. Christians and other religious people believe in an afterlife where they hope to see their loved ones again. It is a comforting thought. I myself have come to believe that we all have many lives of discovery in this time and space construct where we get to act out all of our dreams and desires. I believe that I have found my Linda Lee in previous lives and hope to find her sooner in our next adventure, to love her longer, deeper, and better.

We are not finished here yet and so we will cherish every moon and sunrise and their settings for as long as we can. Some people make plans for elaborate funerals (We have only made provisions so that our son will not have to foot the bills for ours, beyond that we have made no specific plans beyond keeping them as inexpensive as possible.) We have made more plans about our next adventure, thought less about the last time we shall see one another’s faces and more about the next time we shall. How will we recognize one another in our new lives wearing new disguises? It is hard to disguise those loving eyes.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


The Last Time I Saw Her Face

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