I Remember Emily

Blog 2529 -9.28.2022

I Remember Emily

Summer is passed and this past summer marked ten years since the passing of my beloved daughter Emily Elaine White, just five days passed her thirty-second birthday. I recall welcoming her into this world and taking her for her first short walk from the delivery room to the nursery at Spring Branch Memorial Hospital on the morning of July 15th, 1980.

Today’s picture is of two of three little treasures, three of so many, that remind me of my Angel Emily. The item not pictured is her Ukulele in it’s little padded zipper case. In Emily’s brief adventure in time and space she made a lot of beautiful music. My heart still rings with echoes of her sweet voice.

One Christmas before she was grown and on her own she surprised me with a special recording that she had made of her singing one of my favorite songs, Yesterday. I made several copies of that tape and shared it with family and friends far and wide. I no longer have the original nor any of the copies, but in the jukebox that is my daddy’s heart it still plays often.

Natalie Cole dubbed a recording of her famous singer father, Nat King Cole, singing his hit song, Unforgettable, and made it into a duet. Emily sent me a recording of herself playing and singing what I affectionately call “The Baby Song” because it contains the line, “I love the way you call me Baby.” I re-recorded it adding my lesser voice to her far lovelier one and called it “A Duet With My Baby.”

I have a strong suspicion that my angel girl is already ten years into a new adventure in space and time, singing her heart out, no doubt. Someone has said, hard as we may try to deny it, that we all have regrets, things we wish we had done differently. But as a line from one of my favorite movies, Hearts In Atlantis, goes of some things we would have to say “I would not have changed it for the world.” I remember Emily, for she is one of those wonderful things in my life that I am most glad and grateful happened just the way she did.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


A Duet With My Baby

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