The First Day Of Autumn

Blog 2522 – 09.21.2022

The First Day Of Autumn

For most of my life when asked what was my favorite of the four seasons I would say autumn. But then since there is something that I especially love and appreciate about each of the other three seasons as well, I have learned to equivocate a bit and say that autumn is one of my favorite seasons.

One of my favorite things about autumn or fall is that the trees put on their party dresses. In the autumn of 2014, I composed a poem about the lovely autumn trees I saw while working in Northern Indiana.

There are so many love songs about the changing seasons, “I Love Paris In The Springtime,” “The Long Hot Summer,” “I Hate To See October Go,” and “Winter Wonderland” to name but a few. The one song that embodies them all to me is Lance’s love song to Jenny in Camelot. In closing on this first day of autumn I share my karaoke style version of it with you.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

If Ever I Would Leave You

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