My Own Beatitudes

Blog 2520 -9.19.2022

My Own Beatitudes

Be Patient, Be Persistent, but most of all Be Kind. These are my own big three beatitudes. Above are those attributed to Jesus, all but two of which I have issues with, those two being five and seven: Be merciful (similar to my own number one (Be Kind) and Be a Peacemaker (which embodies my other two being patiently persistent.)

To me the six other Beatitudes listed above are just so much religious “mumbo jumbo.” I will now give my take on each of them in turn:

Poor in Spirit: Jesus was anything but and he who famously said, as he was so are we in the world, would never have asked us to pretend to be poor in spirit when the self-same spirit that dwelt in him dwells in us, the spirit of abundance, of power, and of love.

They that Mourn: Mourning, though a natural reflex to a sudden and terrible loss, must eventually give way to the assurance that no matter appearances nothing and no one is ever truly lost to us, but all things are ours to possess.

The Meek: The only inheritance the meek receive is the earth, one mouthful at a time as the big Baptist offensive lineman told a smaller opposing defensive lineman before pushing his face into the turf.

Hunger and Thirsting after Righteousness: Far from being an admirable trait this one is more akin to the root of all evil. I have wasted too much of my life trying to be right, thinking I was right, arguing about right and wrong. Frankly I would rather be “blessed” or happy than be right.

Pure in Heart: If you can look at a beautiful woman, or handsome man if that is more to your taste, and not feel a little lust you are either a great liar or are dead from the waist down. As I highly doubt a young healthy carpenter from Nazareth was either I have trouble believing that he said this or authored his other famous quote about looking at a woman and lusting after her making us guilty. Guilty as charged, your Honor. Should we act on all those impulses? Certainly not, but if we never did, the Human Race (the only race) would have gone extinct long ago.

Persecuted for Righteousness Sake: People who always think themselves right always piss the rest of us off, i.e. a young or older Sheldon Cooper from Young Sheldon or The Big Bang Theory. That attitude not only will not win you friends or influence with people, but it is just poor science, which is the quest for answers. They who think they already know everything have little patience, persistence, or kindness in dealing with life or with people, hence my Big Three Beatitude Theory. Bang!

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Still working on the big three,

David White

Three Times A Lady

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