Artists And Creators All

Blog 2519 – 09.18.2022

Artists And Creators All

Women are not just muses, but artists too, not only inspiring but creating art. We are artists and creators all. Whether our medium is visual or musical, sight or sound, there is beauty within us that finds its expression in our art.

I am reminded of the child who was asked by his teacher what he was going to draw and answered, “A picture of God.” The teacher said, “Nobody knows what God looks like.” to which the young artist replied, “They will when I get through.”

I believe that we are each and everyone of us just that, a picture of God. It has been said and sung, “He’s a painter, He’s a poet, He’s a natural rainbow maker.” Indeed, He/She/We is and are. Namaste, I bow to the artist, the deity in you. “I mirror you. I admire you. I worship you.”

Yesterday, I watched an interesting sci-fi movie called Higher Power in which a man’s dying wife makes him promise to be all that she sees in him for his two daughters. After the loss of his wife his life goes into a tail spin. He becomes an addict and estranged to both of his daughters, the younger becoming an addict also. But his higher power has other plans. Who and what that is is revealed to him in the end as it is to all of us if not sooner.

Take it from Walt Whitman and me, there is within you, within us all, the inspiration and the artist. The very term “inspire” means to fill with spirit or the breath of life. Deny as we may try, we cannot long deny just Who and Whose we truly are, rainbow makers all.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

You’re Still You

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