Blog 2510 – 09.09.2022


Above is the dictionary definition of the word insatiable. Many of us sexual creatures may wish we had a partner that exhibited an insatiable desire for us, but those who have, I am told, find it a very demanding and unpleasant experience. We can only take their word for that, but we have all experienced how very difficult it is to try to please someone who is impossible to please.

Social media has giving many a platform to project their dissatisfaction. The early Rolling Stones anthem “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”, with it’s double negative aside, seems to fit the spirit of this age. How did we become so hard to please, so quick to judge, and find fault with everyone and everything?

With the late great self-help writer Louise Hay, I say that all our problems stem from not loving ourselves enough. The term narcissist and pedophile are throw about quite freely from the left and the right these day in our ever quick to cancel culture. When I was a boy, growing up a poor white boy in the Deep South, calling someone a lover of a long disenfranchised group was thought to be the nastiest insult. People who still think like that believe that some people should have no say, no vote, especially if their color or opinions differ from their own.

They who do not truly love themselves or see the good in themselves have a most difficult time loving or seeing the good in anyone or anything else. Those who look into their own hearts and do not like what they see find the whole world wanting.

I encourage you to take another look and find yourself worthy of love. Of late I have added three short sentences to my daily mantra. Near the end I say as sincerely as I can, “I mirror you. I admire you. I worship you.” Perhaps that is all we need to find real satisfaction, for someone to just hold the mirror steady for us so we can see clearly just Who and Whose we truly are. That is not too difficult a task for those of us who helped hang the moon and did a rather fine job of it to boot.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

You Look So Good In Love

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