Doing At Least One Good Deed A Day

Blog 2508 – 09.07.2022

Doing At Least One Good Deed Daily

Today’s title reminds me of what I refer to as “Frank’s Law.” After returning safely from the horrors of fighting in World War Two, Frank Oliverio, made a vow to his God to do at least one good deed daily. Whether that one good deed outweighed the many not so good deeds of a lifetime and especially those committed in wartime some might debate, but even though sainthood has yet to be proposed for Frank by his church his acts of kindness are legendary.

Frank managed restaurants and trained his staff to take care of customers and later owned and operated his own restaurant with his wife Candice. One of Frank’s rules was that no one was ever to leave his restaurant hungry. Even those who could not afford to pay could eat all they wanted off the steam tray (not a la cart) and have all the milk they wanted to drink (not soda) free of charge if they could not afford to pay. Frank was a good guy and true to his vow till his death.

Frank’s beloved wife, daughters, and grandchildren took up his vow and continue performing that particular daily devotion each day. The Roman Catholics say, “It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.” But Frank who was a life-long devoted Catholic did them one better and what may have started as “pay back” became a “pay it forward program” for all those who could not pay him back, the likes of which continues to light many fires in many hearts today, mine included. I never me met Frank personally, but I have seen what Frank’s Law has done and I admire him for staying true to his vow.

Once a soldier, he enlisted a host of recruits to fight a different war and he and they have met the needs of many that could never pay them back. Paying it forward is the best form of payback.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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