One Quarter Of The Way There, Or Almost Three Quarters Depending

Blog 2501 – 08.30.2022

One Quarter Of The Way There, Or Almost Three Quarters Depending

Yesterday, I reached one quarter of the way to my goal of publishing ten thousand blogs. It is quite an ambitious goal and at one blog per day I may not have enough days yet to reach that goal. Nevertheless, I intend to give it my best shot and if need be to die trying.

At seventy-one and nearing seventy-two and since it took me seven and a half years to get this far I am looking at more than twenty-two years to complete this self-assigned task. I do hope those of you reading this today will check in, if not daily, at least from time to time to see how near I have gotten to achieving my goal.

They say it is good to have goals, something to live for, some dream yet to fulfill. I am as one of my favorite saying goes, “Living the dream.” Vivid, or waking dreams are the most fun ones, the ones you can actually guide while you are in them.

I find life interesting and around every corner there is something new to consider or something familiar to see from a new angle. The old joke goes, “What is life? It’s a magazine. How much does it cost? Two bucks. That’s too much. That’s life.”

For all our attempts to lay aside a little something to leave for love ones or to at least not leave them holding the bag for costly medical bills or funeral expenses, this life cost most of us all we earn. The money folks have planned it that way, their goal being to feather their own nests at our expense.

I am grateful to have gotten off that conveyor belt. At my age there are calls almost daily from folks wanting to help me with wealth management, to help me reach more people with my blog, or strategies to monetize my blog, and thereby have more wealth to manage. I no longer entertain their suggestions as I have found them to be more about them reaching their goals than me reaching mine.

What I have freely received, I intended to freely share for as many days I have left. I have entertained the idea of making some kind of a trust arrangement or a large lump sum payment to keep this web domain accessible to read free long after I have posted the last blog, hopefully on my last day on planet earth. But, we shall see, if I live to reach my 10,000 blogs goal or my 100 year goal, I might have other endgame plans.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

100 Years

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