Tiny Dancers

Blog 2498 – 08.27.2022

Tiny Dancers

There is, I believe, in all of us a tiny dancer just looking for an excuse to cut loose. Any religion that sees that desire to dance as evil is, to me, just plain wrong headed. That is the type religion I was raised in, one where the list of prohibitions was far longer than the ten that were supposedly carved in stone by the hand of the Almighty. That the prophet Moses was so angry at his people for having a dance party in his absence that he broke the original stone tablets and had to go back up Mount Sinai and make copies always sounded a bit convenient and contrived to me. Had a forensic team had an opportunity to examine the originals the handwriting might have proven to be also Moses’s. The thoughts expressed are definitely his.

I think modern psychology would agree that the music and the still small voice we hear is our own. We all hear voices if no more that the echoes of all the voices that we have heard throughout our lives. It seems apart from all those dance prohibition voices that there are far more voices asking us to dance to their tune. Alas, our tiny ballerina dances to the beat of her own heart and the music of her own mind.

Whether like Peanut’s Snoopy she is dancing her happy dance alone, gliding across the floor in the arms or another, or swinging from partner to partner in a more choreographed group step she is allowing free reign to the energy and emotion within her to flow outward. Energy and emotion are intended to flow, keeping them bottled up is a recipe for damaging explosions.

To borrow a famous quote:

The old legend of each of us having a little devil on one shoulder and a little angel on the other each trying to call the tune might better serve us if we envision the tiny two bowing to each other and asking for the next dance. Ever wonder that good girls seem most attracted to bad boys and good boys to bad girls? I do not believe that we are incomplete persons seeking our other half, but that we are whole and complete in ourselves and quite capable of living, loving, and even dancing on our own. Whole individual at peace with the two halves of their brain and their heart are also often the best dance partners.

Let those tiny dancers work out their differences on the dance floor.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


The Dance

Authors Note:

I am neither a licensed minister, a therapist, nor a dance instructor, but I have learned a few steps that have served me well.

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