A Simple Answer To An Age Old Problem

Blog 2487 -08.16.2022

A Simple Answer To An Age Old Problem

If letting go is so simple a solution why is it so hard to implement? I recently thought to add a phrase to the opening lines of my daily mantra, my daily affirmation/intention:

“My heart and my mind are open. My arms and my hands are open. My mouth, nose, ears and eyes are open for all the Universe has for me (for all the Universe to flow in and through me.)”

That little parenthetical phrase may seem a reach, but if we are open to everything then we can indeed have it all and be it all. The saddest love stories are those where the hurt is never allowed to heal, the pain to subside, a new love to be found, because someone just refuses to let it go.

“Life is meant to be good” and holding on to and constantly reliving painful losses prevents happiness from springing up again inside us. A line from a long popular song in the southeastern part of the United States, Dixie, says, “Old times there are not forgotten.” Happy memories can be a blessing (make us happy) and be an encouragement to us and others, but sad, hurtful, bitter, and vengeful memories can keep us forever prisoners of grievances, real or imagined, and forever rob us of happiness and those who listen to our sad “what might have been” stories.

If the good old days were so good why should remembering them make us so unhappy. Some moments are better forgotten. We come into this life like time travelers, naked, and hard as we may try to hold on to the things and the people that we come to treasure we must one day let go of everything and everyone. All our lives we are learning to let go.

It is a necessary survival skill and as today’s picture quote says, “One of the simplest ways to stay happy.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Fool Hearted Memory

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