Undivided Attention, Baby Love

Blog 2485 -08.14.2022

Undivided Attention, Baby Love

Babies, Elinor Rigby(s), and Father MacKensie(s) are not the only ones that need TLC and a little undivided attention. The widely held belief in the myth of isolation has us all hungry for attention and for connection.

I make the effort each morning for a few minutes to give you, my family, friends and my fellow travelers, my undivided attention. I attempt to share a few encouraging words and I try my best to find yet another way of reminding myself and each and everyone that we are not alone.

Some think man invented God so he/she would not have to feel alone. When I was a young man I read a book by one of my first favorite authors, Taylor Caldwell called The Listener. Ms. Caldwell was a devout Roman Catholic and had some other beliefs that I did not and that I do not share, but she certainly could weave an interesting, entertaining, and encouraging story that could grab and hold her readers’ attention.

Writers probably as much, if not more than others, are attention seekers. But I like to think because we pay attention to the details that we are also attention givers.

For a while, like most people my age, I resisted communicating with emails and texts and I still prefer voice to voice if not face to face interactions. Still I have come to see emails and texts as just a briefer and more concise version of letter writing. As our lives get busier and busier with so many more things screaming for our undivided attention we can still, if we choose use some of our less chaotic moments, to reach out to others and give them the attention they so deserve. If we want to maintain relationships with family and friends we must give them some undivided attention.

Celebrities who desire to have a large fan base know this lesson well and so they give interviews, post, tweet, and make personal appearances around the country and the world to pay attention to their fans.

My son when he was a little boy wrote a letter to the President of the United States and his mom and I were surprised that a couple of weeks later he got a reply back on White House stationery. Granted some lower-level staff member probably produced those printed response letters, but for a moment my little boy had the attention of someone at the White House. Since he was born thirty-two years ago he has gotten a lot of attention from this White House. It is a pun on our last name not some racist comment. I believe there is only one race, the human race, and that all my brothers and sisters deserve attention and respect. I can hear my sister Aretha singing “R-E-S-P-E-S-T, find out what it means to me.” It means we all desire and are due some TLC and undivided attention. Babies wail for their share. And we, all of us whatever our age, still enjoy some Baby Love.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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