A Piece Of His Mind

Blog 2465 – 07.25.2022

A Piece Of His Mind

I shared in my blog yesterday how that after my dad passed that I had found a typed copy of some autobiographical stories that he had left behind and that I had shared them with my son. My son Jonathan had promised that he would scan them and return the little book that I had put together to me. I got an email from Jonathan yesterday with the scanned words of my dad attached. I have long wanted to be able to share dad’s stories with a wider audience. Now I can. I told Jay he could just keep the little book if he liked and he did.

My dad was a great story-teller and never reluctant to give anyone a piece of his mind on any topic. Here it is for anyone who might be interested, a piece of his mind.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

James White’s boy,

David White


More Than My Share

P.S. The old Underwood typewriter pictured above was the very one on which dad hammered out his stories in all-caps. Dad’s mom’s maiden name was Underwood, no relation to the typewriter folks just a happy coincidence. Like dad stories they made millions of them, but none ever so special as those that belonged to your own dad.


Singer Judy Collins wrote a song about her father. I attach my slightly altered version of it here.

My Father

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