Remember The Time

Blog 2463 – 07.23.2022

Remember The Time

Time traveling through our memories is something older people do more than the young. We have more memories to flip through and if we are lucky many of them were quite pleasant. The young still have yet to make most of their memories, but still I have heard them happily say, “Remember the time.”

Older parents usually wish their children would visit more often. My wife and I both made our lives many miles from where we grew up so we spent our summer vacations for many years driving to spend a few days with our parents. The first few years we flew to have more time with them, but flying became too expensive. For many years our American Express card sign and travel seemed like the national debt and I was wondering if we would ever pay it off. We finally did.

Both my parents have passed and my wife’s dad. My wife’s mother stays with her sister just outside Houston so we see her almost every weekend.

Mom is the memory keeper with the oldest memories and so we love to get her sharing about things only she can recall. I have so many questions I wish I could ask my mom and dad. I did so enjoy time traveling with them and hearing stories that happened before I was born and when I was little and can no longer recall.

After his death I found a typed manuscript that my dad had written with stories he recalled mostly from his youth. It is to me now a treasure and I have passed it on to my son so he will have that piece of his grandpa’s mind.

I have had several conversations about the possibility of time travel with my son since he was a boy. Jonathan turned thirty-two this year and my wife will turn seventy-two a week from today and I will too in November, unless I am called away on more urgent business.

The first years of his young life Jonathan was with us everyday and through most of his teenaged years everyday was like Christmas for us and he our most precious gift. He still is and it always seems like Christmas for us when he visits.

Someday he will probably read through these blogs looking for any mention that I might have made of him and for answers to questions that he will only think of when I am no longer around to answer them. And so I write, trying to leave something worthwhile behind not just for him, but for you who are reading this when and whoever you are.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

To Leave Something Behind

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