Sweet Dreams

Blog 2462 – 07.22.2022

Sweet Dreams

The custom of saying “God Bless You” after someone sneezes is said to come from the once held belief that a sneeze was indicative of an evil spirit or sickness leaving the body. Very likely the practice of saying, “Sweet dreams” to small children and those we love has a somewhat similar origin. Perhaps we hope it will ward off those all too scary dreams that we call nightmares.

It has been quite sometime since I had a nightmare, but as a child I had my share and like most of my peers I was quite convinced that sleeping was to be avoided at all cost. I fought it nightly and stayed awake as long as I could, afraid I might miss something or be found in my sleep by this or that monster.

My wife awoke last night with a scary dream and though barely able to keep my eyes open I sat with her for quite awhile before she was able to close her eyes again. She used to share the details of her scary dreams as a way to help get them out of her head. She finds it harder to verbalize them these days and tears and touch seem to help most.

Childlike she said, “Can you make my nightmares go away?” and “Please don’t leave me.” The actuary tables still predict that most women live five to eight years longer than men. But I have asked my higher power, my best self, for permission to live at least one day longer than my wife so that I can be by her as long as she needs me to be.

I believe that death for us both is a doorway that get closer each day. I am learning to appreciate the moments shared even more than I did when we found each other in the nick of time over thirty four years ago.

Ours has been the sweetest dream. Here’s to many more yet to come not just for us but for everyone.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Nick Of Time

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