Calling All Angels

Blog 2460 – 07.20.2022

Calling All Angels

I thought of that line because my beloved wife had an especially bad day yesterday. I am losing her a little bit at a time and it is an extremely difficult process. Ten years ago today my Angel Emily after a short bout with cancer took her final bow here before winging her way to sing a command performance in, I believe, a higher plain of existence.

I am not one to usually mark the sad days choosing rather to remember the glad ones more often, but I make this exception. Looking back on even difficult days from ten years past gives us a broader perspective on how even the “bad” days play a part in helping us see beyond this masquerade dance that life mostly is in this world.

My daughter Emily was an Angel in disguise, but then it takes most of us longer than the thirty-two years she had to figure out who we are let alone anyone else. If the reports are correct it took Jesus thirty-three years to reveal himself and then he too flew from this place.

I am on my seventy-second year as is my wife Linda, but some of us are slower learners. Like the silly ole joke from fifty plus years ago from comic duo of Allen and Rossi, “I had a date with and Angel. What happened. She flew away.”

An old spiritual song goes, “One glad morning with this life is o’re, I’ll fly away.” Death is calling and coming for us all and that is one appointment that none of us can dodge or refuse. Silly us, we feel sad for the departed, but good-byes are always hardest on the ones left behind. Emily and Linda both loved the movie Pay It Forward (me two) with the hauntingly lovely song at the end, Calling All Angels.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White–bJPVIGg0Ic5pw5J0lr8BjnXxK-YWlV/view?usp=drivesdk

Angels Among Us

“Many have entertained angels unaware.”

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