This Magic Moment Can Be Heavenly

Blog 2459 – 07.19.2022

This Magic Moment Can Be Heavenly

Sweeter than wine or sadly tragic, we live these extraordinary lives moment by moment. We can either proceed from moment to moment in hope or dread. I prefer the former, but have also experienced the later and have felt the dream at times seem more like a terrible nightmare.

In one of my favorite movies, What Dreams May Come, a woman – wife and mother first experiences the death of her two teenaged children in a terrible car accident. She comes very near losing her mind over the loss, but the love of her husband keeps her from drowning in despair. And then another tragic car accident takes him. She ends up taking her own life shortly after he dies. The husband awakes in heaven and he is just figuring out how to get around there when he is told that his wife has also died. He smiles and says, “When can I see her?” He is told, “Never, for all suicides go to hell.”

In the movie hell is depicted as a place where people are trapped in an endless loop of the miseries that they experienced in life. The husband secures a old tracker and with a young man that was assigned to help him adjust to heaven, he starts out on a quest to bring his wife to the heaven he had created from her paintings. Against all odds he succeeds and his wife is with him again in their beautiful hand painted heaven.

The sixties rock anthem says, “I swear their ain’t no heaven and I pray their ain’t no hell.” Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven is within you.” It would seem the same is true of another less than heavenly place.” I believe that one day all the dark shadows will be dispelled by the light of love. What do you believe?

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

I Believe In You

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