Blog 2441 – 07.01.2022


Unlearning is the first real step in discovering what is true. It is more than possible, in fact highly probably, that much of what we have been taught is wrong. Before you burn me at the stake as a heretic take a moment to look at all the discarded beliefs that enlightened people have found to no longer be of service to themselves nor progress.

Religion and superstition has long been the enemy of scientific investigation and discovery. Still too large a part of the population marches to the slogan: “Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up.” But minds like beds can be unmade and remade again. Learning is as easy as changing the soiled bedsheets and pillow cases for clean ones. Most of us are not reluctant to change the linens nor our clothing when our common sense make us aware it is time to do so.

Some of the beliefs that have been passed down for generations literally stink and should have be discarded long ago. One in particular is that only wealthy and powerful white men should decide for us all what rules we should play by. Yesterday the first black woman was sworn in as a United States Supreme Court Justice. Her vote will have little sway in in this predominantly Conservative court.

It is high time we changed our thinking and indeed some of the rules, especially the one above. Ladies it is up to you. The old white guys have called the shots and decided the rules of the game too long. Someone wrote yesterday that women should just take a day off to show the real power they have. The undocumented workers were told the same thing some years back. If the people who do all the dirty little jobs that no one else wants to do just took one day off what a mess it would make. Women probably won’t do that nor the undocumented. They would not have too if more of us became critical thinkers, critical of all the lies we have been taught to believe, the lies that are still being promoted, that help keep the rich and wealthy few white men in power.

I am an old white guy, but as a middle aged guy I came to see much of what I had been taught to believe was taught me so that a few rich powerful white guys could continue to control everything. I used to wonder how in the world a few rich and powerful white plantation owners in the American South could convince all those poor young white boys who had never owned a slave in their lives to fight and die for “The Cause.” The cause was not States Rights but the right of a few rich white guys to rule over all, blacks, native Americans, women, poor whites, and everyone with less power and influence. The way they did it is simple, and it still works today. They taught those poor white boys that they were better than others, that they were the chosen. When I was a boy in the nineteen-fifties and nineteen-sixties South there was a common expression that poor white boys would ignorantly but proudly proclaim, “I am a free white male over twenty-one.” The pecking order was clear. The ancient male Jews once proudly announced publicly, “I am proud that I was not born a woman nor a dog.”

The “Big Lie” is not that Donald J. Trump won the re-election votes (Even he knows that he did not) the big-lie is “I am better than you” expressed in Charlottesville as “You will not replace me.” Of course we will all one day be replaced.

Six Roman Catholics now sit on the Supreme Court of the United States three old white guys, a couple of women, and a black guy taught to think like old white guys. They have in the last few days overturned fifty years of legal precedent in Roe v. Wade after all testifying under oath that they would uphold settled precedent. They also upheld a public school teacher/coach’s right to force his players to pray a Christian prayer at a school sponsored game. They have announced plans to take us back, to revisit other previous court rulings based on the right to privacy. Their mission is to restore a belief system that many have discarded because it no longer works for them and to force us all to continue playing by their rules.

I believe that people get the government that they deserve. We need our core beliefs as a people codified by clearly written and enforced rules that we can all play by. Time was a President played by the rules and they did not have to all be written down. Those times are passed. Before the rich white boy clubs takes all our rights away we had best change our thinking and vote those bastards out. It is time they be replaced.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


No Matter How Strong

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