Not That Different

Blog 2440 – 06.30.2022

Not That Different

The key to understanding and loving others and everything is to first learn to understand and love ourselves for we are just not that different. Oh, we are unique, but cut from the same cloth, each of us, just slightly different refrains in the One Song, the Song of Songs, and it is above all else a love song.

I often quote the great line attributed to William Shakespeare, “To thine own self be true, and it follows that thou canst be false to no man.” And yet how often we pretend to be someone or something we are not. Who do we think we are fooling, only ourselves, and not even that entirely or consistently.

In the quiet moments the masks fall off and and the masquerade is all but impossible to maintain. In the secret place that is our true treasure house, our heart of hearts, there we find the truth about ourselves and everyone and everything else.

The key to the great treasure house is the sure and certain knowledge of Who and Whose we are. We are love personified and everything as the poet has said is either an act of love or a cry for love. And that we are, no matter our size, shape, or hue just puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together in the beautiful picture that is the Universal I Am – I/We/You.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Not That Different

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