Communism and Capitalism

Blog 2422 – 06.12.2022

Communism and Capitalism

Roy Kohn was legal counsel for both Joseph McCarthy and a young Donald Trump. He also represented mobsters and ran afoul the I.R.S. At the time of his death he owed over three million dollars in back taxes that he had attempted to defraud the government. To avoid additional taxes he took only 100,000 dollars a year in salary from his law firm, but received about 1,000,000 in other benefits including a rent free New York City apartment, partial rent on his Greenwich home, the use of expense cars, and expense meals in the best restaurants. Roy was a classic example of Capitalism run amok.

In the early 1950’s he, with Senator Joseph McCarthy, was a famous Communist hunter. It was he who taught Joe the art of the “Big Lie.” He later taught Donald Trump the same lesson. Joe’s version had to do with how many card-carrying Communists there were in the U.S. Federal Government. It was an ever changing number with very little real evidence to support it.

Donald Trump has told so many lies than even his admirers have come to expect it of him. One of his first whoppers as President was to greatly over estimate the crowd at his inauguration, but his great lie, that he is still telling loudly to anyone who will listen is that he got more votes in the 2020 election than Joe Biden.

Many think the January 6, 2021 assault and taking of the Capital Building in Washington, DC and the conspiracy that it was a part of to prevent the counting of electoral votes and the peaceful transition of power should be swept under the rug and just forgotten. I do not, but believe the “great lie” must be silenced.

Communism as envisioned by Karl Marx does not work because human nature has even the best of us tempted to think we are more deserving than others to a bigger piece of the pie. People on their own are never going to share the pie equally. Capitalism appeals to this desire to be higher on the food chain with the biggest piece and the biggest pile. The founders of this country knew we needed a strong central government to regulate Capitalism and to keep our lesser angels in check. They even set up three branches of government to keep government in check. They hoped others who followed would continue working to create an even more perfect Union.

This is not the first time in our history that a large portion of our citizens have believed a lie. In our great Civil War the nation was almost torn into over the slavery question that those wise founding fathers had been unable to resolve so they left it for others to tackle.

Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address said those men buried there had died that the government of the people, by the people, and for the people should not perish from the earth. But as Pocahontas pointed out in her song, some thought and still do, “That the only people who are people are the ones who look and think like you.”

“We the people” is everyone. That truth if allowed will dispel all the lies, even the great big ones.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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Vanessa Williams – Colors Of The Wind HD

Colors of the Wind

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