What This World Need Is You

Blog 2421 – 06.11.2022

What This World Needs Is You

The last thing this world needs is another Judy Garland impersonator or another imitation version of Marilyn Monroe or Clarke Gable or Elvis Presley. What this world needs is the highest best you and me to show up every day. How do I know this? The same way Mordecai knew that a young intelligent and lovely Esther was born into the kingdom for just such a time as she was.

My daily mantra line, “I am so glad and grateful that everything that I could ever want or need is already mine and coming to me at just the right time and in just the right way from my loving and infinite source” is true in the reverse as well. What this ole world needs right now is an new and unique incarnation of love.

The Bible says, God so loved the world he sent it his best, his child. We are every one of us are that child and no one else can be or do what we were sent here to do. Awaking to the knowledge of Who and Whose we are and Why we are here is a process as it must have been for Jesus and all those who came before and after him.

One of my favorite Bible verses repeated several times throughout the several books is “Awake, oh sleeper.” It is if the great creator had a dream and we are it.

I close with a poem the young people of my generation borrowed from a previous generation as a sort of anthem in the late nineteen sixties and early nineteen seventies, Desiderata, written in 1927.

What the world needs is you and me to be the highest and best versions of our unique and wonderful selves. And it will except no imitations.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White



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