Essays, Encourage, Courage

Blog 2418 – 06.08.2022

Essays, Encourage, Courage

The dictionary defines the three words in today’s title as follows:

Teachers love to dole out writing assignment having the whole class or in some cases certain individual write a so many word essay on a particular topic. Students and sometimes even teachers see the essay as a sort of punishment, but I do not. Developing the ability to say, write, or sing a few coherent thoughts together is a noble goal to which many have aspired.

I have defined my terms and now proceed to complete this short essay on encouragement and courage. Famously the Cowardly Lion in the land of Oz in song asked and answered the question: “What makes the muskrat guard his musk? Courage.” Courage is facing our fears head on and acting as though the battle were already won. Encouragement comes to us all not from the many confusing voices, but the one still small one that always rings true. Our higher best self is indeed often a ventriloquist and throws his or her voice using other mouths to convey those encouraging words.

Why, you might ask, to teach us to listen, to tune in, to turn the volume down so we can focus on that singular voice and therein find our encouragement and our courage.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

When You Say Nothing At All

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