What Do You Think?

Blog 2417 – 06.07.2022

What Do You Think?

I am fortunate to have this little platform to share my thoughts. I believe it is in sharing our thoughts with others that we begin to understand just Who and Whose that we truly are and they. Sometimes people will click “like” when a certain piece, for whatever reason, strikes their fancy and less often someone will even include a comment. Then I get the privilege of also knowing what you think.

I believe it is the writer, the speaker, the singer/songwriter, the teacher’s job to teach us how to think not what. As long as we are truly thinking for ourselves we will figure it out. We are each of us so much more than the silliest thought we ever had or the stupidest act we ever pulled off. The trouble with cancel culture is the same as the old eye-for-an eye thinking, soon the whole world is either empty or blind.

Christians use to say hate the sin but love the sinner. The meaning of the word sin in the New Testament is simply “missing the mark.” Who among us is always on target? The way we learn is hit or miss and adjusting and hopefully improving our thinking and performance over time or at the very least becoming more and more aware of how much room we have to improve and being less judgmental of others’ near misses and even our own.

If our thinking is not continually evolving we should not be so quick to think that we have arrived at irrefutable truth, but rather that we have more likely gotten hung up making the same old mistake over and over till we think we are on target when we really need to adjust our sights and aim a little higher. When life gets too easy, perhaps it is time we move to a higher level of self-expectation and of even greater compassion for others.

What do you think?

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


More Of Me


Those few of you familiar with the Glen Campbell song Less Of Me will notice that that I took some poetic license with his lyrics. More not less is also sometimes best.

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