Mother, May I?

Blog 2409 – 05.30.2022

Mother, May I?

As a child I remember playing a game with my playmates called “Mother, May I?” It was a slightly modified version of the more familiar “Simon Says.” In both games instructions are given in rapid order, but the only ones to be followed are those that are proceeded by or ended with the appropriate phrase be it “Simon says”, “Mother, May I?”, “Teacher, May I?”or some other short phrase.

There are endless possibilities along this same line. Sign and countersign have long been a favored military security procedure that has found a home in the world of computers and smart phones. Most of us have quite a time inventing and remembering ever longer and more complex usernames and passwords to keep our information safe.

Life was so much simpler when all one needed to remember was a simple three word phrase. I have one for you that will unlock a lot of doors for those who are willing to employ it. Ready, write it down, commit it to memory, then tear it up into tiny pieces. Here goes, “Just Be Kind.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Don’t Be Cruel

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