The Things We Hold On To, Hold Us

Blog 2398 – 05.19.2022

The Things We Hold On To, Hold Us

I always like to spend a moment listening before I begin my morning blog, hoping some echo or inspiration will provide a starting point. Often I come up with a title first, or think of a song first. Just as often those are after thoughts when the piece is complete.

Our being held back by the things we hold on to past their usefulness to us is a theme I have visited more than once and most likely will again. Most of us have way too much clutter in our life and rather than getting rid of it are forever rearranging it. Beside holding on to things because they remind us of pleasant experiences we often hold on to things because we think that we may need them at some point in the future. Businesses in Texas are required to conduct an annual inventory and pay ad valorem tax on their inventory. It is a good time for them to reflect how much inventory is costing them. It makes some sense to hold on to critical hard to get things, or items with a long lead time when re-ordering.

People in the private sector used to call this annual inventory “spring cleaning.” Among all the clutter of things we find hard to let go of are long held beliefs that are no longer serving us. More than a few, if we would be honest with ourselves, never did. Dare I site a few?

We are chosen people, better equipped than others to be in charge.

Others are lesser than.

We have a divine right to dictate to others.

That’s the way it has always been and should always be.

There is never enough to go around so I must take care of me and mine and let everyone else fend for themselves making sure they stay in their preordained lanes.

It is high time we brought these silly beliefs out in the clear light of day and aired them out before discarding them. The KKK, otherwise known as “The Clan” is not the only example of group think that employs the above faulty beliefs.

It is never enough to just move things around, repackage them, or relabel them. We have to get rid of some things, let go of some things, to make room for other things.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

What Makes You Stay

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