Everyone Matters Or No One Does

Blog 2395 – 05.16.2022

Everyone Matters Or No One Does

Today’s title is the working philosophy of fictional L.A police detective, Harry Bosch. The character was created by best selling author Michael Connelly beginning with the novel The Black Echo which lead to a long series of best sellers and the seven season TV series starring author Titus Welliver in the lead role. A new season called Bosch:Legacy recently started airing on the streaming service FreeVee with the now retired twenty plus year veteran of the Los Angeles PD working as a private detective.

The real work of Harry Bosch is to get justice for those seemingly forgotten individuals. Harry keeps the pictures of several missing girls under the glass on his desk hoping to find a clue that will lead him to solving these long cold cases. Harry’s mother was one of those forgotten cold cases. She was a call girl and murdered when Harry was a young boy and so never having known a father and losing his mother quite young Harry was raised in “the system” where no one seemed to matter all that much, hence his life philosophy.

Family Matters is for many just another kind of prejudice or discrimination, another bumper sticker slogan like, White Power, Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, Proud To Be An American (or whatever.) To quote Harry and Jane Goodall again, “Everyone Matters Or No One Does.” Even an old white guy can see that, even an old white British Poet, “No man (or woman) is island entire unto himself (herself)… each man’s (or woman’s) death diminishes me for I am a part of mankind.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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