When I Rains It Pours

Blog 2341 – 03.22.2022

When In Rains It Pours

Rain storms this time of year in Houston, Texas and most of the year are as common as snow storms are in Wisconsin for the better part of the year. I believe the old adage that might apply is: “If you don’t like the weather where you are, don’t complain just move.”

Yesterday, in addition to all the issues my lovely and loving wife Linda is having I got some test results back from the lab work that I had done at my annual physical last Friday. And it looks like there may be one or more medical specialist appointments in my future and very likely additional medications added to the two I have already been taking for over three years.

Linda and I are both in our seventy second year this go round so I suppose that is to be expected. Did we really think we were going to have this long of an adventure without medical help? Well, if we did that was another one of those silly beliefs that it is high time we let go of.

I told someone the other day that sometimes I wish I had the power to change peoples minds and not for my own benefit like unscrupulous sorts, but to make their lives healthier, happier, and more whole. Alas, I do not have the power to sort through so many silly and hurtful beliefs that others have and “shit-can” them. If that phrase offends you, perhaps that is where I would start.

There is only one person’s beliefs that I have the power to change and that is my own. I am therefore ever examining and reexamining belief candidates for the “S-can.” If I make it till one hundred years of age, a personal goal that I set some years back, I fully expect to keep the trash men and women busy emptying my ever full trash can.

In seventy plus years, I have as most people collected a lot of junk and still am collecting it daily. I take very seriously the line from the Ten Intentions For A Better World that says, “I discard those beliefs that are no longer serving me.” I pick on preachers, politicians, and salesmen a lot for tricking us into believing things that really serve their interests and not our own, but they are far from alone in this conspiracy for even parents, other family, and even our dearest friends, sometimes on purpose, but more often unaware have added to our overwhelming burden too. Still the responsibility for what we accept as true in our lives is no one else’s but our own. We are the captains of our fate the true authors, determiners, and deciders of what we believe and live or die by.

For heaven sake, but really more for your own sake examine even your longest held and most devout beliefs asking yourself one question: “Does this really serve me or do I serve it?” The choice of what you believe and how really healthy, happy, and whole you want to be is yours alone.

Thoughts (beliefs) become things, choose the best ones and discard the rest. You will need the room to receive all the good things coming to from your loving and infinite source.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Rainy Days And Mondays

Author’s note the only thing I love better than a rainy day or Monday is a snow day. I believe everyday no matter the weather, whether the skies or blue or gray, is a day to celebrate. Believing the weather determines our health, happiness, or wholeness is one of those beliefs we might want to consider chucking.

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