Here We Go Again

Blog 2340 – 03.21.2022

Here We Go Again

We are back in the ED (Emergency Department) this time at a different hospital to have my wife evaluated again. She is having most of all the same tests, but this time at a larger more prominent hospital in the famed Houston Medical Center. My wife is being more cooperative and I believe whatever the new tests reveal that she is getting the very best care available.

Our beloved son helped me to get her here yesterday afternoon and he too was grateful that she came willingly. Many who love her as we do have been hoping it would go well for her. I slept again in a straight back chair in an exam room. My beloved hardly slept at all, but I saw her smile a few times. She may not be one hundred per cent, but she knows that she is loved.

Just now I am in a waiting room while she is undergoing another MRI. She may be going to a room after this so I have all her personal stuff with me. I am making use of this opportunity to share a few encouraging words.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

♫♪ Peter Cetera and Cher ~ After All ♪♫

♫♪ Peter Cetera and Cher ~ After All ♪♫

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