Staying Busy

Blog 2336 – 03.17.2022

Staying Busy

One of the best cures for a troubled heart and mind is busy hands. I like today’s quote. Reckless abandon to one’s work can give us a sense of purpose and satisfaction despite the troubled waters and ever looming clouds about us.

One of the most recent additions to my daily mantra is: “Whatsoever my hands find to do this day, I will do with my whole heart, finding purpose even in the most menial of tasks.”

Spending too much time in our heads is never a mentally or physically healthy thing. The first man Adam and his wife were given the task of tending a beautiful garden and they were happily employed doing so according to the story till they took their eyes off the prize. Jesus greatest struggle was not on the cross, but in another garden where he wrestled with the tasked that he believed that he had been given to do. A few days later in another garden some ladies came hoping to do some hand work that they had been able to do because of the rush to get his body in the ground before the Sabbath began. They were met by two angels who informed them: “He is not here, he is gone, he has other work to do.”

I heard an old pastor once share a lesson that his granny had taught him about picking berries. She noticed that he was spending too much time walking around looking for the biggest juiciest berries to pick so she instructed him: “Put your bucket down where you are.”

There is always enough to keep our hands, hearts, and minds busy and occupied right where we are. As Wallace Stokes, my dearly departed step-father used to say, “Let’s get to work.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Illusive Butterfly

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