The Case For Traveling Light

Blog 2331 – 03.12.2022

The Case For Traveling Light

One of the theories of what we are doing in this time and space continuum is that we are light beings and that we are ever interested in visiting this place where we could act out all our dreams and fantasies in a safe space, taking our time to play out every scenario in detail. But the great rub, the price of admission so to speak, is that to participate in this great charade we are required to pick a body and also to surrender our identity, our knowledge of our true self, at the door.

Thus begins adventure after adventure of self-discovery. Some religions teach that we are here on probation to learn some important lesson or to pay for the sins of our past lives. I no longer believe either of those are the real reason that we are here, but that we are each of us another face of the Divine One putting himself/herself in every possible situation to just to experience it all.

One of my favorite fictional heroes on the page and screen is Jack Reacher. Jack has been for the greater part of his life, attached to the military, first as the son of a career Marine and then as a U.S. Army Military policeman rising to the rank of Major, twice, having being busted back to Captain once for coloring outside the line in a sensitive investigation. Jack Reacher plays by his own rules and has a clear sense of Justice.

After years of trying to play by strict military rules and procedures Jack is free to find his own way through life and he always travels light packing only a toothbrush. Jack has shed the baggage of his past life and is free to set right what wrongs he encounters along the way. I have already enjoyed several of his adventures and recently watched the Netflix version of Lee Child’s very first Jack Reacher story. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good action movie or mystery. Jack Reacher solves mysteries. He is a modern day Sherlock Holmes with muscles. Tom Cruise played Jack Reacher in two movies despite looking nothing like the character portrayed in the books. Tom was convincing in the role but then he is a great actor. I like the Netflix incarnation of Jack Reacher better. He looks like the guy in the books. I can hardly wait for Season Two to come out.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

I’ve Got The World On A String

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