Pleasantly Surprised

Blog 2327 – 03.08.2022

Pleasantly Surprised

Sometimes the answers come faster and sweeter that even we can imagine. Such was my sweet surprise yesterday when I called the hospital to check on my wife about 2:30 pm and learned that she was doing much better and was scheduled to be discharged in a couple of hours. I know there are challenges yet ahead, but we can face them as we have so many other challenges over the past thirty-three years – together.

My Baby is home and even a lightning flashing down pour rain storm cannot dampen my enthusiasm. The way I see it, all that wonderful rain will just serve to make more roses and daffodils bloom. She shall have flowers wherever she goes. She is the most beautiful flower in my life.

I have been one of those who from time to time made fun of the gesture “our thoughts and prayers are with you.” I apologize to any and all I might have offended. I have come to believe that not only do thoughts become things, but that prayers are indeed answered. I have endeavored these long three weeks plus that Linda has been in the hospital to see her healthy, happy, and whole again. Thinking happy thoughts indeed has power to create a brighter better world and my whispered prayer was always, “Bring my Baby home to me.” Thank you, everyone who read of our trials who offered “thoughts and prayers” as well. The Universe once again has delivered. I am so glad and grateful… Only one word can describe my joy – hallelujah.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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