Family You Can Trust

Blog 2326 – 03.07.2022

Family You Can Trust

One of Satan (ego’s) best tricks, the one for which he got his name is getting us to mistrust our family and to isolate us from their strength, help, and comfort. The Greek word translated Satan in the New Testament literally means “accuser of the brethren.” And who does that better, more persistently, and more consistently than that puny little creature of our own creation, ego? Like all predators, ego knows the easiest way to get a kill, a meal, is to separate one of the weaker ones from the flock and to pounce.

It is the preferred method of all confidence men and women to pump you up and at the same time cause you to mistrust your family and friends, “Oh, they all know you are sharper and more talented than they are, they are jealous of your success, they just want to hold you back.” Total BS, for those who know us best and love us rejoice in our every success and want us to get ahead. It is ego, the only true enemy of our souls, that wants to destroy us. But he is a coward, and only fights when the odds are vastly in his favor so he must guide us away from the safety and security of those who love and care for us.

Anytime you hear any one saying, “I am the only one who has the answers answers that you are looking for” rest assured that ego is always behind that pitch and that you are about to be had if you keep listening. My dear wife who is currently being treated for confusion, disassociation, and debilitating depression spoke a few words to her sister on the phone for the first time in over two weeks a day or so ago and her sister asked her if she would like to speak to her mom. At first Linda acted confused that her mom was with Sarah and so she asked Sarah, “How will I know it’s her? (Paranoia is one of ego’s sharpest tools) Sarah replied, “You will recognize her voice.” After hearing her sweet Mama’s voice, Linda said the sweetest words she has said in some time, “I love you, Mommie.” Up until that terrible Thursday over three weeks ago when Linda lost her grip on reality, she called her almost eighty-five year old mom several times a day when she was not with us to remind her how very much she loved her.

Jesus once said, “My sheep are not fooled by false shepherds for they know my voice.” There are so many voices always vying for attention but the still small voice has an unmistakable ring to it that soothes the soul. “This is my beloved hear ye him, her, them – your family you can trust.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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