The Addictive and Often Deceptive Power Of Belief

Blog 2304 – 02.12.2022

The Addictive And Often Deceptive Power Of Belief

In one of my all time favorite comedy movies, Dogma, one of Jesus’s first, but little known disciples, Rufus, tells Jay and Silent Bob, who are on a mission from God, like the Blues Brothers, to stop two wayward angels, played by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, from unraveling the fabric of the Universe, that contrary to all the dogma surrounding how important faith or belief is that Jesus like Ford Motor Company was more about “better ideas” than promoting beliefs. Rufus went on to say that the true Son of God, Son of Man, that he knew, wanted his followers and friends to try a few new ideas and not get hung up as so many did in his day and still do on a few beliefs that have outlived their usefulness.

One of my favorites of the Ten Intentions for a Better World, that I try to live by, number 2, states:

Rufus went on to say regarding truth that evolving and new ideas contain truth that set us free while hard intractable beliefs are not only addictive but deceiving. Minds that are open to new ideas and hearts that are open to new ways to love are always a great idea, as is Paris.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Fool Hearted Memory

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