Camera At The Ready

Blog 2293 – 01.31.2022

Camera At The Ready

In one of my favorite movies that I have enjoyed watching again and again, Sabrina, the lovely young Julia Ormond reprises a role in the nineteen nineties remake of the nineteen fifties movie that starred a young and lovely Audrey Hepburn in the title role.

In one of my favorite lines from the movie, Sabrina says that she has been taking pictures all her life even before she had a camera. When I saw today’s picture quote yesterday, I knew it would be my launching pad for a few words about cameras today.

We are like cameras and our lives are filled with pictures. My lovely and loving wife Linda is the photographer in our family. Long before digital cameras came out she took roll after roll of film and is still always on the look out for that “perfectly framed shot.” I admit that I have in the past grown a bit impatient with her stopping here and there to try and to capture that perfect image of a flower or a sunrise or a sunset, but she has more often despite my being in such a hurry taught me to savor the moments and to developed an eye for the beauty all around me.

It is too easy to live life unfocused and in such a rush that life can sometimes seem little more than a mad little dash between two dates on a tombstone. Life is meant to be a million moments of focus and clarity. The mind’s eye is indeed a camera always ready to take a picture, to make a memory. In today’s cover song the question is asked, “How does a moment last forever?” All those lovely pictures we take help our love song to live on.

With camera at they ready, Bon Voyage.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

How Does A Moment Last Forever?

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