We Choose

Blog 2292 – 01.30.2022

We Choose

The story goes as all true Star Trek fans know that a young James T. Kirk while he was attending Star Fleet Academy refused to believe in a no-win scenario and that upon failing the Kobayachi Maru test, as all cadets were expected to, hacked into the exam and adjusted the parameters of the computer simulation so that he could when he retook the exam, destroy three Klingon warships and rescue the crew of the doomed space vessel that the test was named after.

This early example of always thinking outside the box, fudging the rules, and cheating death became the signature move of Captain Kirk of Starship Enterprise. To those who believe that all dangers can be prevented and or avoided by writing a further choice limiting regulation I say, “Nuts.” It is an insane way to live, trying to force others to live by rules that no one could or should always obey.

We are defined by our choices and not by some set of rules, preprogrammed algorithms, or computer simulations. Exercising our freedom to choose and learning lessons from those choices helps us develop the ability to discern and to better maneuver the often uncertain waters and pathways of life.

I believe not only in a woman’s right to choose, but a man’s, and even children as they grow being given greater and greater choice in the decisions that effect their lives. Captains and kings have done, I believe, more harm than good exercising control over others and limiting their choices to mostly enrich themselves at the expense of others and the planet. True history tells a tale not often recorded in the history books of rebellions, protests, non-violent and violent, aimed at redressing grievances regarding personal liberty. It was not just a few middle class property owning white guys that founded and built this nation but We The People of every socio-economic level, every station, and every hue.

We choose the life that we are willing to live. Yes, indeed, choices have consequences, it is the duty not just of parents and law makers but of everyone to speak truth and to protect the individual’s freedom to choose. A free-society is messy and dangerous, as Winston Churchill said of democracy, “Democracy is a very bad form of government but I ask you never to forget that all the others are so much worse.”

Denying anyone the freedom of choice or restricting their say, their vote is a step backwards toward totalitarianism. It is the height of ego to assume that one or a few are better equipped to decide for us all what is the greater good and the best course of action.

We should teach our children how to think not what to think. Always beware anyone or any group who claims their way is the only way, the only truth, the only choice.

We get to choose what to believe and how to live the days we have been allotted, and must be ever vigilant in guarding that freedom not just for ourselves but for all.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Exercising my freedom of speech,

David White




If we always allow others to make our choices for us like muscles unused our ability to make good choices will atrophy and soon our free society will be but one more failed democracy gone back to the captains and kings calling all the shots.

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