Short Term Memory Loss

Blog 2277 – 01.15.2022

Short Term Memory Loss

I have for quite sometime believed that in this this dream cycle that we all to one degree or another suffer some short term memory loss. A lot of folks laughed at actress Shirley MacLaine when some years ago she spoke of remembering past lives. But maybe Shirley was not so far off base after all.

Shirley has played so many different and varied roles in this adventure perhaps one of them caused her to awaken if only briefly from this self-induced amnesia that far from being a real problem helps us enjoy the surprise that each new adventure is meant to be by our higher and best self, the one who knows and loves us best, the one who has planned with care every detail for our benefit.

How it works exactly is not completely clear to me for I am not as yet fully awake either. But, I think it goes something like this. Like the smart robot in the sci-fi book and film, I Robot, we were given or rather have always had the ability to dream. And each of our lives is but a dream of our own design where we get to act out in ways we have always wanted to. As each dream unfolds we gradually awake to the fact that it and all of them are vivid dreams that we are not just actors in but authors and producers of as well.

Sometimes our planned sweet dream can be a bit scary as we focus too intently on some dark or negative aspect. We are as one song says meant to always, “Accentuate the positive, eliminated the negative, and not mess with Mister In-between.”

To say “Sweet Dreams” to those we love is a bit self-serving as their dream is intertwined with our own. During some fully awake resting, remembering, and relishing period between dreams we got together and agreed upon what parts we would play for each other in this particular dream. To say things are out of control or not going according to plan is a silly and sleepy assumption, for our higher best selves planned for every contingency and choice that we or others might make and designed this dream so that all things will indeed work together for good.

Fifty-two years ago I took the longest airplane ride of my life. It was the bravest thing I had ever done up to that point. I recall as I winging into an uncertain future that the words of a song that I had sung many times in church as a boy came to me, “Whether I live or die, whether I wake or sleep, whether upon the land, or on the stormy deep (or in my case high above both.) When ‘tis serene and calm or when the wild winds blow, I shall not be afraid, for I am the Lord’s I know.”

Even that long ago, I was beginning to awaken to the sure and certain knowledge of Who and Whose I am and have always been. I relaxed and just enjoyed the ride like in the Good Time Charlie song, “Just going with the flow.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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