The Importance of the Two G’s

Blog 2273 – 01.11.2022

The Importance of the Two G’s

The phone carriers and computer folks have for years touted the gigabit or G as the new god of this Digital Information Age, but my arrival this go, around 1950, predates the gigabit and I am old school and 5G means a lot less to me than the 2 G’s, Gladness and Gratitude.

The opening words of the those that began my continuing to evolve daily mantra almost fourteen years ago are: “I am so glad and grateful..” and go on: “…that everything that I could ever want or need is already mine and coming to me at just the write time and in just the right way from my loving and infinite source.” These words just came to me out of the blue. Actually like every good and perfect gift they came to me from my loving and infinite source, our loving and infinite source. For us not to be continuously glad and grateful is a sign that we have indeed allowed puny little ego to blind us to the eternal truth that all things work together for good and that every good and perfect gift comes down from, you guessed it, our loving and infinite source.

For a time in my youth, fifty-two years ago, I studied war for a brief period. This day in 1970 was my first full day of the eleven months that I spent as a United States soldier in Vietnam, studying war. My Vietnam Veteran cap got me almost three dollars off my lunchtime meal at a cafeteria yesterday with my loving and lovely wife Linda and our wonderful mother Betty. The cashier saw my hat and volunteered that if I had my military I.D. with me that I could get twenty-five percent off my meal. I showed her my picture I.D. for V.A. Benefits and she deducted twenty-five percent off my meal and off my ice tea. The entire discount was just a little more than the price of the ice tea, $2.71. Some places just give veterans a free drink, it is about the same as a twenty-five percent discount off of the price of an average meal. I am glad and grateful for that show of support for our military service people. Those of us from the Vietnam Era saw precious little of it back then, those of us fortunate enough to return home, over fifty thousand U.S. military personnel did not as well of thousands of allies who fought with us and the two and a half million or more additional enemy personnel and civilians who died in that terrible war. General Sherman from our own Civil War got it right, “War is hell.” But even during war time there are gifts that come to us for which if we are awake at all that we should be glad and grateful.

Wisdom is found in knowing that all we ever need to be happy is already ours and has always been. I have been told all this life that prayer and meditation are key to finding wisdom and happiness. Meditation is as simple as focusing for but a moment upon our breath. Take a long deep breath and hold it imagining that you have just filled your lungs with pure love. Feel it permeate the blood flowing through your lungs and being pumped by your beating heart to all parts of your brain and body. Then slowly exhale that breath yet full of love and now with particles of you as well going out into the waiting world and Universe. Spread yourself, spread the love. Each breath is a two-way promise and fulfillment of the hopes and dreams of all who ever lived and breathed, the One Breath we all share from Him/Her, you guessed it again, Our Loving and Infinite Source.

If you sign up on-line with 23 & me, they will sent you a kit where you can send a DNA sample that they will have a lab test and tell you Who and Where you came from and Who you are related to. Or you can take a once upon a time long ago former soldier’s word for it who studies war no more:

You and I, we all came from a galaxy far far away, but so near it still resides inside each of us. The god of that galaxy has a name, it is our own true name. We are related to all and to everything, by the one breath, and one blood that binds us all. We are at the same time the eternal recipient and the loving and infinite source. We should therefore be always glad and grateful. The two G’s are our starting point, our destiny, our destination, our always, our happily ever after dream come true.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

A Million Dreams

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