Writing For Writers

Blog 2272 – 01.10.2022

Writing For Writers

I have wanted to be a writer since I was a boy. Fifty-two years ago today I arrived in the Republic of South Vietnam to begin my long hot summer and conclude my last year as a teenager. Even as a boy I knew that a writer needs something to write about so I was always looking for the story that would entertain, enlighten, and encourage.

This spring it will be seven years since I found Word Press and picked http://www.theencouragingword.co to be my platform for publishing my daily blog. A young friend who followed my blog for a while said that I was “prolific.”My rejection of things that I was taught as a boy and that I even taught her as a young girl caused her to quit following my blogs eventually. I think she thought she could win me back to beliefs that no longer serve me.

I think I am more capable of changing my mind than I have been thus far in my life, but as fascinating as the idea of time travel has always been to me, the place we most need to live is not the often romanticized past or the over optimist future, but the sometimes nasty now and now. So many it seems are in a hurry to get to the sweet bye and bye or to return to some mostly mythical bygone golden age, but I believe “These are the good ole days,” today, the only day we get to live. Even my long hot summer, my last as a teenager, was lived as they all are one day at a time.

In a world where we are constantly told that people do not read anymore book sales new, used, and on-line continue to soar. Someday I may pick through my now nearing 2300 posted blogs and put together a few books for publication, maybe not. I still like the idea that so many of my thoughts are already out there for anyone to examine freely.

I hope I have not been completely wasting my time with you. That is from the song Wasting Time With You that says, “I don’t want to be an actor out of the stage, I don’t want to be a writer with my thoughts out on a page.” Oh, but I do actually.

It has been my privilege and inspiration to write for writers, people themselves hoping to be read, and ever looking for some inspiration for that next piece. You have, many of you, provided that for me and I hope that I have sometimes for you as well.

The Bible, truly an inspired collection of of the writings of many men, if not the “Word of God in whole and in part” that some believe it to be, is still a source of inspiration for many and for me. It is not difficult in a book so large and written over so many years by so many to find ourselves in its pages.

In one of my favorited moves, Sabrina, both the Audrey Hepburn mid-fifties version and the mid-nineties one with Julia Ormand in the title role, Sabrina says she found herself in Paris.

Wherever we find ourselves, in a place where it is hot all year round, or in a well-written book, and at whatever age, it is good to awaken to the wondrous knowledge of Who and Whose we truly are. One of my favorite poetical biblical phrases is “the exceeding weight of glory” as a young and budding writer one of my favorite writers was C.S. Lewis. I read every word that I could find of his in print, even a collection of his letters to an American lady, a fan of his, that he later married, Joy Davidson. One of his published books as many were came from radio talks and was titled The Weight of Glory.

I consider it a privilege to write for writers. They are often as the comedians say, “A tough crowd.” But then as the saying goes, “Everyone is a comedian” and everyone is a writer with a story to tell, a message to deliver.

I hope you enjoy this one, sent special delivery.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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