Santa Makes A Special Appearance

Blog 2255 – 12.22.2021

Santa Makes A Special Appearance

For months now I have been preparing for a special homecoming with my lovely and loving wife Linda Lee. I arrived home safe and sound if a little worse for wear on Sunday. Our son Jonathan and his sweet and pretty wife Lauren came over for dinner last night after they both got off work. I had planned to share one last special surprise for Linda on Christmas Eve but decided that “the kids” might like to see the smile on my special girl’s face too. Before we shared Christmas gifts I snuck off to the extra bedroom where I had hidden a suitcase containing my new Santa suit, the best and most expensive one I have ever owned. I even bought an extra pair of wire-rimmed prescription glasses to be worn only with my new Santa Suit.

Jonathan captured the picture that I was hoping for, to share with all my friends, of Linda Lee’s beaming smile at being with her favorite big guy, red suit, beard, boots and all. There is a line from one of my favorite movies in the opening Santa scene where the lovely Geena Davis is sitting next to the big guy in her town’s Christmas parade and the reporter’s voice over on TV says, “Well, we know Santa is getting what he really wants this Christmas.”

Linda Lee, I love to see you smile, and that is my perfect Christmas gift that you never have to wrap.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

That Was Your Mother

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